Hello and welcome to our website. Along with our previous name change from the BC Bottle Depot Association to the BC Bottle & Recycling Depot Association we've upgraded our domain name to reflect this change. Please don't worry if you have our previous location (bcbda.com) bookmarked, just continue to click it as always and it will bring you here. Once you do so you can update your bookmark or not, it's really up to you we will maintain both domain names.

As you can imagine with such a wholesale change to our online presence there is going to be some construction going on around here for the next little while. So please bear with us if you click on any broken links or find any missing pages, we are doing our best to minimize that happening throughout the change. If you do find any errors please go to the contact page and let us know, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to check back on a regular basis and see the changes as we continue to be the voice of the Recycling and Bottle return industry in BC and beyond.


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